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Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask--Assorted Colors

Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask--Assorted Colors

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The IDEAL gift for 2020!  We have become a huge fan of Nodpod... Perfect for soothing migraines, calming anxiety, or easing into restful sleep, this unique eye mask features four equally-weighted pods that contour to your face, blocking out the light and providing soothing pressure to help relieve stress. It's strap-free design is crafted from ultra-soft cotton jersey and microfiber fleece, and offers a pull-through loop for comfortable wear. Packaged in a cute tube, perfect for gift giving--instruction booklet included. 

  • Four equally weighted pods
  • Hollow ends for head-resting comfort
  • Strap and Velcro free
  • Pull through slit for 360* head hugging comfort
  • One side jersey cotton, other side microfiber fleece
  • Pods filled with BPA-free polyethylene (PE) beads
  • Scent-free / machine washable

About Nodpod
Harnessing the power of Deep Touch Pressure, Nodpod's innovative, strap-free sleep masks apply gentle pressure to help relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep.

  • Cotton jersey, polyester; BPA-free polyethylene bead fill
  • Imported


  • 9 oz.
  • 24"L, 4"W
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