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Humble Pie and Cold Turkey

Humble Pie and Cold Turkey

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An engaging historical exploration of the bizarre words and phrases that are sprinkled throughout the English language.

The huge variety of colorful phrases contained in the English language are notoriously varied and, often, notably odd. From 
blue-blooded (an invention of aristocratic Spaniards) to limelight (a way of lighting Victorian theatres), passing an exam with flying colours (an image from sailing ships) to winning hands down (from horse racing), the fascinating expressions that make up our language are explored in Humble Pie and Cold Turkey.

In this highly entertaining book, language enthusiast and bestselling author Caroline Taggart browses through thousands of years of history to shed light on why we use the 
words and phrases we do. Arranged by themes including food, the household, childhood, romance and more, this intriguing book looks at the origins of our language from their historical context. For example, did you know that:

If you 
rest on your laurels, you’re imitating a complacent Roman general?
If you 
eavesdrop, you’re likely to get wet?
If you’re 
taken aback, you should, strictly speaking, be a sailing ship?
If you’re 
galvanized into action, you’re behaving like Frankenstein’s monster?

Humble Pie and Cold Turkey will prompt you to question the downright bizarre idioms we use to express ourselves, and answer questions you may never have thought to ask. Including why turkeys need to be cold and how pies came to be humble.

  • Softbound
  • 192 pages
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