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Ajra Sponges Set/3

Ajra Sponges Set/3

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At Clever Girl, we love discovering truly helpful products to share with you.  This is one of the best we've ever found! And, what's more, they are made by a local, woman owned company!

These re:usable cleaning sponge  are no ordinary sponge. They are the perfect size, tough, and built to last. But here's the real magic - it's got a secret weapon! A charcoal-infused center keeps it fresh, while a non-scratch scrubby back tackles tough messes.

When it needs a reboot, just toss it in the wash and let it air dry. With a set of 3, you'll always be ready for any cleaning challenge. 

Trust us, this is a game-changer! Join the cleaning revolution today! 

Our Hydrangea print, where a burst of fresh colors brings the vibe of a full bouquet right into your home!
  • Sponge 3"x 5"
  • Three Washable Sponges with Hanging Loops
  • Front: 80% Recycled Polyester, 20% Polyamide Foam Fill: 100% Polyurethane Back: 88% Polyester, 12% Polyamide. Imported. 
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