The Elements of Style Illustrated


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“While The Elements of Style has never lacked fans or dutiful adherents, appreciation for this slim volume has taken a turn toward the whimsical and even surreal."       – The New York Times

You know the authors' names. You recognize the title. You've probably used this book yourself. This is The Elements of Style, the classic style manual, now in a fourth edition.  I was thrilled to find this particular version for the store because of the red cloth cover.  It's simple, smart and timeless: It will only get better with use and age.  Everyone should have a copy of this book in their library.  Every student should have a copy handy at their desk.  That the illustrations are so evocative is simply a happy bit of serendipity one should view as a bonus.   

Known as, "the little book", its unique tone, wit, and charm make this the definitive authority on the principles of English style. Glossary of the grammatical terms used in the book provides a convenient reference for readers. Foreword by Charles Osgood reminds readers that the advice of Strunk & White is as valuable today as when it was first offered. There is a very good reason The Elements of Style has been a fundamental resource for writers, editors, and students since 1959.

  • 176 pages
  • Hardbound
  • 6.22 x 8.76 x 0.52

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