Sleep Mask-Off to Bedfordshire


Our cute sleep masks are a perennial  favorite here at Clever Girl.  A great gift, a practical item to own, and cute to boot!  We sell lots of these for girls in the dorm, and brides to be.  Beauty sleep is a must...

Masks are fitted with a soft elastic band sized for ages 8 through adult and minimizes damage to hair. Each handcrafted sleep mask is filled with plush batting and is machine washable on the delicate cycle with air dry.

Off to Bedfordshire is how to say good night in the UK. This is a great little gift for someone headed to Britain to wear on the plane. 

  • Cobalt Blue Satin
  • Floral Cotton Lining
  • White lettering
  • Handmade
  • Includes Travel Storage Bag
  • Made in the USA