Sterling Silver Ring (includes 30 interchangeable marbles!) Click for details...


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A Clever Girl Best Seller!  

This ring has quickly been acquired by several of the staff here at the store--so you know it's a hit!  This beautiful and unique ring has a patented interchangeable design that lets you change the glass marble to match any outfit.  It's handcrafted of solid sterling silver and made in the U.S.A. Each ring "kit" comes with the silver ring, and thirty individual marbles in a huge range of colors.  You simply pop in the one that matches your mood for the day, and off you go!  It's like having THIRTY different rings! 

Sized 5-9, please size UP if you are in-between sizes...

         Kit includes:

  • Sterling Silver ring
  • 30 glass marbles
  • Polishing cloth and instructions
  • Comes gift boxed

Colors of your 30 glass marbles: Iridescent opaque gray; iridescent opaque green; iridescent clear green; iridescent pale light green; iridescent opaque yellow; iridescent opaque periwinkle; iridescent opaque black; iridescent clear (Lisa tells everyone this is her diamond!); iridescent clear pink; iridescent clear teal; iridescent clear red; iridescent milky white (like a moonstone); iridescent black/grey (this one looks like a hematite); clear teal; clear green; clear royal blue; clear red; clear purple; swirled opaque turquoise, blue and black (this one is called "butterfly"); swirled opaque white, yellow and orange (looks like sherbet!); swirled transparent dark purple and orange; opaque milky blue; opaque milky lavander; opaque white. There are also a few single color cat's eye marbles (clear with a ribbon of color in the center): pale orange; white; yellow; green; red orange. There is one multicolor cat's eye marble in each kit, which varies.