Clandestine London City Guide


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The desire to see and be seen is not shared by all. For those who prefer to conduct business away from prying eyes, this map is for you.  Listed are 31 places with hidden alcoves and easy exits, neglected restaurants, unreconstructed wine bars, ancient pubs and even natural isolation.

In these locations discretion is assured, it's entirely up to you to decide how you make use of that...

  • Designed by New Future Graphic
  • Litho-printed in England on 100% recycled paper 
Informed by on-the-ground research, Herb Lester's handy, folded guides uncover what makes a city special. Each entry comes with its own brief description, and a basic map helps the reader get their bearings and make plans.  Printed on a single sheet of 100% recycled paper, these light, portable guides are an ideal travelling companion.