Honey Fungus Scientific Model


Commonly know as the Honey Fungus Mushroom, your botany minded friends will, perhaps, be more impressed by the Latin name; Agaricus melleus. The species was originally named Agaricus melleus by Danish-Norwegian botanist Martin Vahl in 1790, it was transferred to the genus Amanita in 1871 by Paul Kummer.  We leave it to you as to how to reference it in your own home...

What we do know is that we quite like the look of the thing. Distinctly vintage in appearance.  (It's not.)  Display in your case of curiosities, on a desk of book case or under a dome on the kitchen island as a conversation piece.  An oddity that will add interest...

  • Hand Painted German Resin Scientific Model of Armillaria Mushroom
  • Aprix. Size: 5" x 8"

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