Tea Forté Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set


The PERFECT gift!  All one needs to steep authentic iced tea. TheTea Over Ice Pitcher Set includes two sculpturally designed, heat-resistant Steep & Chill pitchers that stack for a dramatic presentation.

This set also includes one Sampler box of five iced tea infusers (one pyramid each: Ceylon Gold, Blood Orange, Mango Peach, Ginger Pear and Raspberry Nectar). Steep hot tea in the lidded upper pitcher and then flash-chill deliciously fresh iced tea by pouring the brewed beverage over ice in lower pitcher for immediate service. 

Pitcher Set includes

  • Two glass pitchers: one small pitcher for steeping, one large pitcher for ice
  • One Tea Over Ice Sampler box of 5 iced teas
The proportions of hot water, tea and ice are perfectly balanced to produce a fresh 24 ounces of iced tea with each infuser.




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