Cornbread Mix


Here's another of our favorites from Stonewall Kitchen.  I will confess, I have a weakness for the chili they make at Casey's Market, right down the block from us here at Clever Girl.  It's darn good, and I can't make anything better myself.  So.  Invite a few friends over.  Serve up a heaping pot of Casey's chili, and add some large squares of this cornbread on the side.  A little shredded cheddar, some sour cream, crispy bacon and a few oyster crackers for good measure, and you've got yourself a wintertime party........

There is a definitive geographical separation when it comes to making cornbread. There is even an annual National Cornbread Festival - that is how serious this bread is taken. This is a Northeast version, a tinge of sweetness mixed in with corn meal for soft textured bread that crumbles just perfectly into a hot bowl of chili.


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