Thank You Tin Vanilla Fudge- House Sitter


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We were thrilled to discover this delicious and adorable product from Scotland.  It's an absoutly perfect gift for the kind person who has looked after your home while you were away. Perhaps the neighbor that took in your newspaper or the long-suffering nephew that actually moved in for a week and watered your plants and garden.  This is the ideal way to acknowledge the care someone has shown to your home.

Smooth vanilla fudge is contained in a decorative tin featuring illustrations of some of the most popular dog types.  Gardiners of Scotland is a long-established family run manufacturer which specialises in a wide range of traditional Scottish confectionery.  Their vanilla fudge is handmade from a traditional recipe in the heart of Scotland and is the perfect thank you gift for when you return from your travels.  For decades, they have made sweet confectionery using the best ingredients in their own factory based in the wee town of Turfholm.   

  • 8.8oz tin
  • 30 pieces of delicious individually wrapped Vanilla Fudge

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