Soap on A Rope- Lake House


Made in Canada, Clark & James products have been designed and finely crafted in Montréal since 2014.  Inspired by two fine gentlemen of the past, Clark Gable and James Stewart, these soaps are large, long-lasting, lather abundantly, and are gentle on skin. 
"Soap-on-a-Rope" bars have a built-in loop made of natural 100% cotton, Canadian made rope.  We think they look quite smashing hanging in a kitchen or shower.
Lake House is the nostalgic scent of the woods. Notes of cedar and fresh lemongrass. Inspired by rainy days wrapped in old wool blankets, campfires, and the distinctive scent of an old wood cabin.
  • Made from a glycerin and vegetable oil soap base and are completely vegan
  • Size: Each bar weighs 230 g/8.1 oz 
  • Made in Canada

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